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Meisel Chocolatier (Słodka Manufaktura Leona ) About us…

A few words about our inspirations and incentives

At our Art Shop we derive inspiration from Slow Food movement. Said organization was established in Italy against massive unification of food. It encourages to return to the traditional methods of manufacturing regional dishes and delicacies. Not only is an idea of Slow Food crucial to us but also ecology is very important. It is worth to mention that all our sweet treats comply with criteria of vegan food standard – in our creation process we don’t apply any animal origin additives. The chocolate used in making has a kosher certificate and it is absolutely without a milk trace. Our approach to creation process refers to the best European traditions of craftsmen work passed from father to son in small family ventures. “Family traditions can differ – ours is sweet since year 1917” became our motto. Sweets that we offer based upon the pre-war family recipes are often combined with completely new trends in chocolate “fashion”. Our minds filled with creativity and new ideas are not interested in remaking of existing taste that is why all our formulas were self-invented here in our Art Shop. We are the position that work with chocolate is partly an art and that only true art remains unique – it is rooted to creativity and inspiration that opposes a mechanism of counterfeiting and intellectual property stealing. In our case each of sweet pieces is hand-made without any interaction of industrial methods. Even packaging of ready treats is a hand-made job – usually sweets are inserted into solid wood boxes. We stand apart from mainstream marketing initiative for big empty words. Our care for details goes beyond regular means and that is why our product labels are colored according vintage method and boxes are polished with antique wax. We invented to wrap and serve exclusive goods in the exceptional way. Such approach was well received not only by our customers but also has bring us Pearl Award in 2010 for truffles packaging for the best Polish box during “Art of Packaging” event in the category of “Taste”. This persuades us further that old tradition comes along with fresh trends and ideas. Welcome to our shop. We wish you to have a delicious impression.